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Welcome to Ultraline Lubricants Specialist.

Ultraline is part of GIBSON group of companies. With the strong support of the UK manufacturing facility, we develop and market technically advance industrial lubricants to industries worldwide.

Manufacturers of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other  consumables no longer face a tough situation when selecting lubricants. We are solution providers to lubrication and maintenance engineers, with specialties  for the Food Industry and Industrial applications.

Ultraline knows about the severe operating conditions and expensive machinery at these manufacturers. We provide NSF H1 Food Grade greases, lube oil, high temperature synthetic lubricants, semi-synthetic lubricants, mineral based and much more. No longer must anyone settle for poor performance and lower productivity in order to comply with governmental safety and environmental regulations.

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​In order to receive the NSF H-1​accreditation and be authorized for use where incidental food contact...

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​Ensuring the safety of our practices directly benefits our customers, their  employees and the communities..​.

​Most of our Ultraline Food Grade products are certified by Halal Certification Services (HCS), a renowned and respectable organization based in Switzerland